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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 25

Billy fired off shot after shot, until only the empty clicks of his Colt sounded.

" KATEE! We have ta get the fuck out of here! We're gonna be overrun!"

Katee blasted another creature crawling through the window and looked to Billy.

"Where are we suppose ta go? The whole damn town is swarmin' with these things!"

" Make fer the livery stable. We can whole up in the loft until we figure out what ta do. Grab the rifle and the scattergun and follow me."

Billy slapped the six shooter into his holster and grabbed one of the broken tables. Positioning it like he shield he barreled through the front entrance. He crashed into another creature as he approached the swing saloon doors. The two tumbled out into the street Billy landing hard on the best. Pulling a piece of the table's leg free he drove it into the monster's flapping mouth. Reaching for another long splinter of leg he brandished it like a club as the pair headed down the thoroughfare towards the livery. Swatting any creature that got to close the neared the doors of the structure, Billy heard shots from behind. Shoving Katee in front of him he looked over his shoulder.

From the roof of the General Store, he saw Sheriff Root and the store's owner, Reny Cargill, providing cover.

" C'mon Billy, they can't hold them off for long."

Billy pulled the doors to the Livery open and shoved Katee in ahead.

End of Line.

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