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Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic Con 2008 Day 2

Hey all,

Today was a really good day.

The best news coming out of con is that Jason got a second book picked up. Called Harry Walton, Henchman for Hire, it details the trials and tribulation's of a guy who works as a professional henchman for supervillians. Teaming with up series artist Matt Hebb, I think it is a fun and different book that will be published by Image Comics in September. I am so happy for him.

In terms of purchases, things went a little light. I did get some sweet sketches done. First off, I am working on getting a Do it Yourself Munny and having many well known artists doodle on it. It is coming along great and I cannot wait to post a completed picture with it. I also plan on doing some random con photos where you all can see some of the things that I see. It's weird that after my 16th year of attending this con, I take a lot of things at face value that many people would probably snap a lot of pictures at. I hope to upload some after I get home.

I also managed to get a limited edition Joe Ledbetter release that was signed. It was a great find. Jason and Autumn have cleaned up on exclusive Buff Monster vinyl toys, getting a limited 1 of a 100 release, as well as some exclusive New York City Con exclusive releases that carried over. Oh, AND a limited clear release! Crazy!

I got a great sketch by artist Phil Noto, who has a very old style 60's vibe to his illustrations.He sketched an awesome Dazzler, which I am very happy with. Tomorrow is another big day, hopefully with more updates and signings scheduled.

Oh there was also a few con announcements.
Footage of Tron 2 was shown in the convention hall, which I can't wait to find online. I missed it during the first run. There is also some huge events planned tomorrow so I will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading!
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