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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 23
Part 2

Billy threw himself at Root.

The impact drove the breathe out of Billy's already battered body, landing atop the one armed Sheriff with a huge huff of exhaling breath. Billy tried to catch a quick breath when Root suddenly clubbed him in his already bleeding ear.

"Arghhh!" Billy coughed out a bellow of pain as Root drove his knee hard into Billy's midsection. Hurt and dazed, Billy fought to stay conscious. Root reared his foot into Billy's chest and flung him backward. Billy's head cracked against one of the support railing on the roof and his vision filled with stars. Root pulled himself up, blackened and bleeding, the gruesome hole wear his arm use to be burned and flaking.

"Billy, you don't understand. The only way for us to be safe is to die. Those creatures set upon me and I can feel it changing in me. The beasts have to die, so that others can live. Your going to turn into one of those things, trust me. I already blew up some of them, now I'm going to take care of you.

Billy watched dazed as Root fixed the stick of dynamite in his teeth and reached into his pocket for a box of matches. Striking one off his belt, he raised it to the wick in his lips.

Then the thunderous roar filled Billy's ears.

End of Line.

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