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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Diet Riot

Hey all,

I thought today that I would drop a quick update on how the week of no meat, chicken or fish went. As you may have read, my roommate and myself agreed to go vegen for one week in an attempt to de-toxify our systems. I can honestly say that this is the longest period I've gone without eating a hamburger, let alone any other type of meat. I can't say that it has been hard, but there have been urges and cravings that have struck. I just take each day one at a time, and I ended the week on Monday, no worse for wear.

In fact, Jason cast doubt on my ability to continue the trend for one month, a challenge I agreed to. I will continue this diet, supplemented by some daily vitamens for an additional three weeks. My only challenge will be on the occasions that we go out to eat, but I think I am up to the task. The hardest thing has been swearing off carbonated and sugar beverages. I have limited myself to mostly regular and flavored water, as well as fruit juices, though I am allowed to splurge on an occasional Powerade or HI-C at work or the movies. Take into consideration though that a year ago at this time I was drinking 4 or 5 medium cokes at work, and several cans a day, I think I have come a long way into curtailing that intake and having more healthy alternatives.

I did say that I would be off this limitation by the time I gear up for my vacation at the end of July. Th ebottom line is trying to find a better balance in my diet and in my choices. I have also noticed that on this diet, I eat out much less and therefore and saving some much needed cash. At any rate, 2 and a half more weeks and I'll be ready to go.

Have that Fool's Gold Sandwich ready!

BTW My Spellcheck is acting up again, any errors rest entirely on me.

End of Line.

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eltoromuerto said...

Keep up the great diet work there, BB! You have made sooo much progress in the last year it is really amazing. Maybe after this time is up you can have a fools gold sandwich. But probably not as big as a whole loaf of bread. Maybe on a smaller scale. I still believe that sandwich killed Elvis! But I definatley will be treating you to a Monte Cristo for sure!