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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Di-Vinyl and Food for Thought

Hey all,

Saturday night saw my best friend Jason, his girlfriend Autumn, and yours truly down at a place called Red Hot Robot for the celebration of the store's 1 year anniversary. As I've blogged previously, all of us are huge into this small urban and vinyl art toy phase, and any opportunity to have some fun, check out some new merchandise, and get a free beer is welcome for me.

While we were down there, a representative from The Phoenix New Times, our underground and pop culture paper, was there covering the party and taking pictures. Jason and Autumn both posed for shots as well as me, though the main reason I got picked was my kick ass t-shirt. It says Hopeless Romantic Seeks Filthy Whore. Very funny and very provocative, I always get a nice range of applause or disgust while wearing it. For that reason alone its my favorite shirt. We picked up some goodies, including 2 new dunnys that Jason and I needed, as well as some new items, called Fatcaps. I've posted a picture of them above, but they are close to dunnys. except the head has been replaced by an aerosol nozzle. Sort of a reiteration of the urban graffiti culture these toys originally sprang from.

After the party we headed to George and the Dragon, an authentic English pub located downtown. I tried a new dish, called a Cornish Pastie, as well as indulging in an old favorite, the Scotch Egg. A Cornish Pastie is a sort of pie, stuffed with diced meat, onions, and potatoes. Vegetables, like corn, carrots and peas may or may not be added. Researching the pastie, vegetables often indicate inferior quality in Europe, though are marketly accepted here. Mine had no vegetables, though it was served with a large helping of mashed potatoes and peas. All in all I liked it a lot, though not as much as the Scotch Egg. Defiantly want to head back and check out some more of their fare, as well as trying some new dishes from a Filipino restaurant that Jason was telling me about.

I should mention as well, a dish I rediscovered recently. Called a Monte Cristo, a sandwich made from ham, turkey an Swiss cheese, served with fruit preserves on a powdered sugar in battered or fired bread. Basically a French Toast sandwich. Different regions serve it in different manners, and different quality. I recently went to a small sandwich shop, called Which Wich, that serves them on a toasted roll sprinkled with powdered sugar, with ham, Swiss cheese and grape jelly. While it is not as good as some I have had in the past, it has been years since I had one and I loved it. It may sound an odd blend of tastes, but I assure you, the sweetness of the sandwich blends the tastes wonderfully. Check one out.

I'll be back on tomorrow with some flash fiction, thanks for reading!

End of Line.

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