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Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Mania!

Hey all,

Wow......just wow. I am totally overwhelmed right now. Considering I have worked pretty much 16 days straight, you would think that the slow creep of exhaustion would have caught up with me, yet I can't put down the damn 360. I polished off Halo 3 the other day and am now hip deep in the greatness that is Mass Effect. If GTA 4 is to much action game for its own good, then Mass Effect is to much RPG for it's own good. I literally spent 3 hours just walking around talking to people. I went 3 hours without firing a shot or getting caught in a firefight. The worst part, I didn't even realize. It's a broad range RPG that I am still feeling out well over 10 hours into the game. I have basically done the prologue, and I have been playing a long time.

I'm looking forward to getting into the meat of the story now, but my starting points are very, well varied leading of the home world, I am considering getting the strategy guide for it, not to make sure I get all the bonuses, but to make sure that I spend my time wisely and get the most out of the game. RPG's are really the only genre that makes me feel compelled to wring every nuance out of.

Looking at the dreadful posting rate this month I am going to be hard pressed to hit my 15 post minimum this month unless I get on some kind of guideline. Tomorrow I am going to try to get another Dead Sun chapter posted, and flesh out the next flash fiction post for the week's end. I also want to really sit down and work on a poem concept I have been toying with, but no promises on that one. Stay tuned for further updates.

End of Line.

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