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Monday, May 05, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Chapter 21

Billy flattened himself against the train top as the locomotive surged around the curve. The train had been gaining speed steadily since right after he and Root had split up. He wedged his boot into the roof railing and turned around, hauling Katee up behind him.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled, wondering how someone so slight could be so tough. Katee graced him with a grateful smile, somehow still beautiful despite the conditions they were in. Katee's face was flecked with blood and dirt, and her thread worn dress was torn and bloody. She had ripped the side of her skirts open, to allow more freedom of movement, and Billy caught a glimpse of her thigh as she hoisted herself up. Once she was safely on the roof, she rolled to a crouch and drew her pistol.

"How you holding up Katee?"

"I'll be a fuckload better once Root gets the damn train under control, Billy. You reckon he made it to the front okay?"

Root had made a break for the front of the train after they had reached the roof. Billy and Katee had stayed back to give him time, and prevent the dead from gaining an advantage. Katee had dropped down to sever the rear cars and now they were headed to the front, to reunite with Root , sever the remaining cars and blow the tracks behind them.

Billy knew that it wouldn't stop these things, hell, he wasn't sure anything short of a bullet to the brain would stop them. There were to damn many and to damn hard to kill. But it would buy them time, and at this point that would have to be enough.

As Katee and he started towards the engine, the were blown back by a deafening blast, Katee hit the deck hard, the wind knocked from her lungs. Billy managed to keep a grip on the roof rail as he was thrown back. Billy looked up, blood in his ears and mouth, and he saw Root, once mild banker turned small town sheriff, dangling a bloody stump for an arm, his face blackened and torn from the explosion. He held another stick of dynamite in his hand.

"Don't worry Billy..... I took care of my infection. I'm going to make it safer for everyone, starting with you.

Billy looked about for his gun, head still ringing, and didn't see it anywhere.


End of Line.

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