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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Self Titled

I'm not really good at happy poetry, nor am i particularly depressed at the time of writing this one.. I just enjoy writing darker works. This poem was inspired by watching part of a televangelist on TV the other day, I am not a great believer in religion, though I find faith an entirely different matter. Faith in whatever you hold dear, family, friends, God or some other Deity I just can't believe that only one religion is the right answer. Sometimes you have to make your own answers. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Sounds of Light and Fury

Dark days press so close at hand,

A barren waste across the land.

The horsemen rear their fetid head,

Four men ride among the dead.

Eternal questions, no more fought.

The sins of Man have now been wrought.

No repentance found at hand,

The hourglass contains no more sand.

Silent echos, those chimes of fear

Red river springs from their tear.

No more prayers, no more offers,

Empty coin has filled the coffers.

Torn from heart and mind is soul,

Empty are the parts of the Hole.

For no more felt are the fires of Heaven,

As Hell's chill breeze has rose to leaven.

Now Time is done, no Savior seen.
'Tis the End of Days, no soul unclean.
Goodbye to cares, as well as worry,
Hearken soon the Sounds of Light and Fury.
End of Line.

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