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Friday, February 02, 2007

Autumn Falls

I don't know if anyone even reads or writes poetry anymore, but here is something I did during work. I don't know if its any good or not... I tend to fall to the latter of the inclinations, but I take a positive out of this as it felt nice to at least stir the creative juices of the tired mire of my feeble acumen. Enjoy.

Autumn falls against the winter's might.

Another day ends, loses its fight.

Dusk gives birth to new twilight.

Moon's glow in the fade of night.

Cold air's breeze a frigid bite,

No more seen the warmth of light.

For winter's grip has seized tight.

'Tis the way of Seasons, neither wrong nor right.

So fear not the answer to this plight

The next will dawn, soon in sight.

End of Line.

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