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Friday, September 03, 2010

Poetry: Sounds of a Friend

Hey all,

First post in a long while with some poetry in it. I wrote this after feeling some of the things I was discussing in my reboot column a few days ago. It's been strange these past few months and I don't know how to figure it out. It's like I'm experiencing this weird sort of loneliness and apathy. I've always been OK by myself, I enjoy it sometimes, but more and more so I feel like I don't have anyone to talk to, or react with, and sometimes it's kind of crushing, spiritually at least. This poem is certainly an echo of that feeling. Anyway, I hope you like some measure of it, it flowed pretty easy in comparison to some other poems, it took maybe 30 minutes tops to write? It came very fast, very rapid, so that's another reason I think I was dialed into the topic, as it was something I am very much feeling in the moment. Thanks for reading.

Sounds of a Friend

Cold and dark and all alone,

Sitting by a silent telephone.

Straining hard to to curb the tears,

Lost among my soulful fears.

The quiet calm throughout the house,

Belays the tumult of my heart's carouse.

The lights are off like I'm not home,

As the darkness staves off a sunny loam.

My voice can speak yet I say no phrase,

Not caring if these feeling are but a phase.

Instead I wrap the blanket tight,

Huddled with a feeling I can't fight.

Emptiness seems to fill my bones,

Listening while silent loneliness rings it's tones.

I don't want to be this way,

These feelings drag on day by day.

So trapped against a failing life,

My failures piercing like a knife.

And each new cuts bleeds some more,

As my resolves washes out from shore.

So still I wait here in the dark,

My apathy and hate so stark.

Like a stranger living in my own skin,

Who doesn't know where to begin.

Waiting to hear the sounds of a friend,

But knowing only silence in the end.

End of Line.

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