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Monday, September 20, 2010

Poetry: Memories

Hey all!

Twenty posts in twenty days! I can honestly say I am starting to feel the effects of writing every day. I'm actually a little burned out. Not of writing, most days I would tap out something on the computer to just write, but having postable work to put up has been the issue. As the month has gone on I no longer have a backlog of topic ready to write about, in fact the cupboard is pretty bare for topics other than the next chapters of Flash Fiction. I'll figure something out this week I'm sure. Only 10 more posts to go.

As for this poem, it was written in about an hour this morning. I read an article on Alzheimer's Disease that had popped up on my homepage and it got me thinking about losing your memories, losing the fabric of your life, and I wrote a poem about wanting to cling to those things in the end. Enjoy and thanks for sticking with me!


Memories fade,

Like the setting sun.

A reminder of times,

Long since begun.

A lifetimes of years,

Can seem the span of a day,

Yet the seconds of a kiss,

Can feel like hours replayed.

But as we grow old,

The seconds between,

Grow closer together,

The future less unseen.

Stories once lived,

Are now but a dream,

Those tales are but stitches,

Your life in the seams.

As the years tick away,

The more you forget,

Trying to remember,

Your world by the bit.

Lost in the revelry,

The stories of your life,

The good times and the bad,

Cut loose like a knife.

They say in the end,

You've only your thoughts,

What happens to us then,

When you forget what you sought?

So I cling tight to my dreams,

As they slip through the cracks,

These precious grains of sand,

That I will never get back.

End of Line.

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