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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Poetry: Echo of Feeling

Hey all,

Once again I have delved into poetry. I actually wrote this the day after I wrote my last poem, The Tempest. In the little forward I wrote to the poem I wrote a line describing poetry as an echo of feeling, heck I even mentioned it in a previous forward to the poem before that! The echo of feeling acts as a reminder of how the author felt in that moment or writing. That line stuck with me all night and I wanted to see if I could fashion a poem out of it. Only a very few times in writing poetry have I ever really decided on the title of the poem before I start writing, usually just in special theme poems, like when I have used this blogs title or in some of the numbered anniversary ones. Mostly I like to pull the title of the poem out of the writing, by finding a word or phrase that really captures the theme of the poem. Here I worked in a reverse order, but it was still a fun exercise. I enjoyed the process that came from trying to work one particular phrase into the poem without trying (to hard at any rate) to force it. As always, feedback is welcome.

Thanks for reading again guys and I hope to be able to continue to plug away at my goal of 30 posts in 30 days. Honestly, it's a little daunting.

Echo of Feeling

Strained my ears,

To hear the beat,

The sounds of love,

Ring incomplete.

I prick my skin,

A drop of blood,

Yet feel no pain,

Just a numbing flood.

I suck the wound,

This coppery taste,

As silent tears,

Trickle to waste.

My eyes do dim,

In darkest haze,

The streets of love,

Are a miring maze.

No map is there,

This road unled,

I stumbled down,

A path grown dead.

Companions left,

Who once lit the trail,

My hurts just churn,

No hope avail.

Now at the end,

I feel so lost,

Emotions once lush,

Have paid the cost.

There are no words,

To say goodbye,

My failures mount,

Nothing to try.

As all that's left,

Are a soul still reeling,

My broken heart,

But an echo of feeling.

End of Line.

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