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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poetry: Soft Cries

Hey all,

Been a few days since I posted, I have just been knee deep in stuff at work and a trying to deal with a slight video game addiction to Left For Dead 2. Still no excuse to be missing self imposed deadlines. I have some time off this week and I'll be aiming for a couple of blog dumps over the next 5 days or so.

Today I though I would start with a bit of a poem I have been working on the past 2 or 3 days. A good friend of mine recently went through a very hard breakup. In talking with her and the pain she was dealing with, I tried to take some of the emotions she was feeling and channel some of her words into a poem. It's very much an artistic interpretation of the conversation we had. Take it for what you will. Be back tomorrow with another post.

Soft Cries

It's such a hard shock,

To hear your soft cries.

It's the worst kind of love,

When your heart dies.

Looked through the window,

To your bruised soul.

The pain is etched on,

Its death's telling blow.

I heard your broken sobs,

Wiped the tears you've shed,

The hurts still so raw,

From where your heart's bled.

It feels like right now,

The pain won't ever end,

For all you've known,

Has been torn and rend.

You thought your love,

Had blossomed like a rose,

But it's wilted too fast,

The petals pulled close.

Say your farewells,

There are no more tomorrows,

Swept away in the flood,

Of heart sickened sorrows.

I wish I could say,

Some magic word or phrase,

To ease your suffering,

These next bitter days.

But there is no salve,

For a wound of the heart,

Just patience and time,

To patch up the frayed part.

So sadness may beckon,

And salty tears may still fall,

The days may seem to never end,

Yet I'd remain at your call.

Your friends are here,

To sooth the painful scar,

So when you feel most lost,

We won't be very far.

The worst is still to come,

But know that better days lay ahead.

Resolve your bruised heart,

Down this path you've been led.

So stay strong my dear,

Of this you can still cope,

You've a brave hard soul,

Never give up on hope.

End of Line.

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