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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Poetry: Reflections

Hey all,

Decided to take a crack at writing some new poetry, specifically about facing a new year. I think I wrote something along these lines around this time last year, facing the fears of your future and the regrets of your choices. Here I also tried to look at the uncertainty of the new year and the reflections on the choices you make. Hopefully you find a small piece that resonates, there are some bits of the poems that I think came across really nicely. Anyway, enjoy the poem and above all, thank you for taking the time to read these posts.


Reflections on the path I've led,

Lead me to no greater thoughts,

All the year I tried to change,

Yet only has it left me wrought.

I face a brand new year,

For what is old has turned away,

Unsure of what the future brings,

Knowing that it won't delay.

I pray to be a better man,

To rise above all I've failed.

But still the doubts pluck at me,

At all the faults that cry unveiled.

Damn this future, so full of fog,

Shading that which I can't see.

Each choice I make, the good the bad,

Become the binds at which I cleave.

Always regrets that plague my life,

Of all the moments lost,

Yet scarier now is the unknown,

And the price to learn the cost.

Unfolded lays the year ahead,

So many different roads,

Each one a choice I must make,

Crumbling as my soul corrodes.

This doubt that fills my veins,

And clinging ill regret,

Corrupts the bright days before,

Never letting me forget.

Wishing so to wash away,

All the failing thought,

To hold myself against the storm,

And face the battle to be fought.

Behind me lays a path grown cold,

A darkened road without retreat.

Before runs a new lit path,

Whose end alone I can complete.

A year has birthed and severed cord,

The trailing days now dying fast,

Into this strange new world I step,

And hope it won't be like the last.

End of Line.


briscojr said...

Quality stuff again man, but jeez, sometimes I think we need to keep sharp objects away from you. If Minja ever comments on any of these, I think I can predict what he's going to tell you to do.

GERRAD! said...

Its really just cathartic, helps me find a center sometimes when I have having a bad day. I don't to worked up about it, really just a means to express.
I don't think of it any differently than writing a short story.

Also Im going to guess meat related suicide on Minja's part...