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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Midnight Self

Hey all,

No precursor to this poem, really. It's about losing yourself into the reality around you. Sometimes things seem so bright that you rise above it all, and sometimes you feel so bad that you are just another component in the world around you. Hope you enjoy the poem.

Midnight Self

Darkened skies fall at night,

Nary a star to pull at dimmest light.

Welcoming black to all around.

Lost to all, never now found.

Inky night bleeds within,

Flesh to sky, neither stop nor begin.

Cannot tell where I start or end.

Life or death these parts won't mend.

No more fun to pull the joys,

Of lighter days or brighter toys.

A fragile blur of midnight self,

Spent away my quality and wealth.

Laying down upon my back,

Fringes frayed by depression's attack.

Seek to find the truth of life,

The currency of happiness to tithe.

Fading fast to join the sky,

Simmered times to say goodbye.

Who will miss what wasn't there?

Longing touches or fervent stares?

No one left for me to mourne.

Just as if I hadn't been born.

Feel not pity or return in kind,

Break these shackels of lonly bind.

Give away to freedom's birth,

Covet the night to leave the Earth.

Now the end of grief and pain,

Finally then this hurt to draw abstain.

End of Line.

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