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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flash Fiction: Under a Dead Sun

Episode 14

Reny Cargill bolted the door shut and ran up the back stairs of the store. His family were lived on the top floor of his store and he had to see thier faces, after knowing what he saw he had to make sure they were safe. His wife, Elma, was nursing the baby, and young Claire was playing with her doll.

"Why Reny, what's the matter?"

"NO TIME ELMA! Get the kids and lock the bedroom door, I just seen something no man should see!"

"What are you talking about Reny? You're scaring me..."

Reny grabbed Elma by the arms and looked into her eyes. His face was white and covered in sweat. "The sky has turned to night and somehow the dead have risen. God's wrath is truning on us for our sins."

"Reny, you can't be serious...."

Reny walked over to the door that led to the store's rooftop balcony, and pulled it open. "Look for yourself Elma."

Elma walked out onto the balcony, the look of shock and fear slowly creeping into her face. She stood under the darkened sky, watching as the dead moved into the city, attacking whomever got to close, ripping into the flesh and consuming the living. Elma held the baby tighter as Reny pulled her back into the house.

"Judgement day is here."

End of Line.


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