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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Line Up

Happy Feburary all!

WOW, already one month down in 2008. I am not even use to calling it 2008 yet and here we are already through Janurary. Sorry about the lack of posting the last few days, I have really been suffering from a bout of writer's block and I just can't seem to find topics to converse about.

I do have to say that as much as I love football, I don't think tomorrows Super Bowl is going to be that good. I am not really a fan of either team, though I guess I am rooting for the New York Football Giants to win. The Patriots are just to damn smug and going completely unbeaten in the season would just add to that factor. I tend to root for underdogs in situations where I don't have a clear cut favorite. If anything the Super Bowl commercials should be enjoyable, I've alread heard rumors of prevews for Iron Man and Wanted debuting on there, so there is that.

On the TV front I have to say that I am enjoying the new Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles more than I would have thought. It's a fun sci fi program that doesn't require the immense backstory that predates so much of my other favorite shows. It doesn't hurt that they have two hot women kicking ass all the time. I do wish that at some point though we have to turn John Conner into a pro active type of fighter. This program, taking place between T2 and T3, may not be the place, but at least glimpes of what is to come would be nice. My only other thing they need to do is be careful of exploiting the time travel aspect too much. Too much messing with continuity will affect both this series and the future movie franchises they have in development. Let's just enjoy and fun program while we still have new episodes.

It also goes without saying that I am glad Lost is back. Easily one of the best shows on TV came back on Thursday with more unanswered questions. I am hoping that this slow build from the first show will give us some good bang for our buck through the next 7. With such a tightly scripted show the shortened season could really hurt the payoff this go around. Ulike Heroes, which re-wrote the final episoe to be a cliffhanger/bookend to accomodate the writer's strike, Lost is staying true to formula. I'm sure I'll have more tocomment on the show as the season rols out. All I do know is that adding flash forwards AND flashbacks will make for some great drama!

Lastly, I finally got my roommate Jason in Battlestar Galactica. The only good thing to come out of the writer's strike is his willingness to watch new programs (because let's face it, there is nothing else on!) Re-watching BSG just reminds me of how well this show is done. Tight scripts with plotlines weaving through multiple seasons, great casting and some of the best season cliffhangers in televison. Jason made a comment about BSG that I found to be totally true. BSG rides that fine line about revealing answers to plot questions better than any other show on TV. Lost holds onto it's questions to long, for every answer you get, you also get two more questions. Heroes doesn't leave you guessing long enough. They are pretty quick with the payouts, moving in a faster plot direction. BSG straddles that line so well. I have so many questions, but they give you just enough to keep you guessing. That is not to say that i don't love Lost or Heroes, they are both some of my favoite programming. I just ove me somne BSG. New episodes are dropping in March, as well as season 3 on DVD. You have plenty of time to catch up at the video store befroe then.

Anyway, I intend to gt to some Flash Fiction in my next post, and as always, thanks for reading. Oh and a quick note.. my spell check is acting buggy again so sorry for any mistakes I may have made.

End of Line.

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