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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Poetry: Spring

Hey all,

A very short poem today, sort of a hearken back to one of the thematic tones I had very early on in my blogging process. I wrote 3 or 4 poems about the changing of the seasons and I thought, looking out at the burst of vegetation in my back yard, that maybe it would be fun to re-visit one of them. In some sense I don't know that its over different in terms of the message that it is sending from my previous poem, called Springs Reason, but I do think that it is a little more developed. I sort of look like it in the same way one might re-draw an illustration later, taking the things they have learned over the yeas and make it better. In any way it is a very short poem, just meant to be more of an exercise in writing and for my own development. Hope you like it.


Sun drenched sky, awash in blue

The cloudy days gave way to new.

Rain drops fade to seasons dawn,

As the gloomy winter starts to yawn.

The grass so green begins to spring,

When the birds fly home and start to sing.

Flowers bloom in lusher shades,

As Winter's grasp weakens and fades.

Season's change to from cold to warm,

This brand new year begins to form.

As plants and birds and animals awake,

From the long and weary rest they take,

To greet so soon the summer days,

And shake the sleep in Spring time ways.

Spring is truly the birth of the year,

Where all of the Earth can bask in cheer.

End of Line.

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