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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Poetry: Color

Hey all,

All right the following poem is a very far cry from my normal stomping grounds. I think I have fallen into a bit of a rut, concerning the very dark themes of some of my poetry so I cast about looking for some kind of inspiration to craft a love poem. I didn't want it to be something that was a very traditional post of love poetry, instead I looked for an event in a person's life that is very romantic and tried to build around that. I always thought of a proposal as being a very romantic time for the most part and wondered how I could capture that.

To do so, I looked at another poem I wrote a few years back, in which I used colors to tell a message of loss. As I played with it I thought about crafting a bit of a this poem to act as a sort of companion piece to that poem. Where one is the opposite end of the same spectrum. I tried to keep some of the things close, and changed a few others. The redness of the lips, the yellow hair seemed very much like something that fit tonally, though I tried to change the rest of the colors around to mean different things. I still think I effectively changed up the poem enough so that it is different from the other poem, which I titled Black. Black remains the only poem I have written that doesn't have the title in the poem itself, in and of itself being a representation of what color the author felt. Hopefully you like this poem and don't feel its just a re-tread. I like how it came out. To be honest, it just felt nice writing something different.

If you want you can re-read Black here Enjoy!


Yellow flecks of straw spun hair,

Whose flowing locks brighten my cares.

Deep green eyes, the stillest pool,

Whose depth make me feel the fool.

Soft red tinged lips curled to smiles,

Your sweet taste lasts for miles.

Peach smooth skin I'm blessed to touch,

Whose gentle caress I love so much.

The sky above is filled with blue,

But in the clouds I just see you.

Orange rays of sun enlighten the Earth,

Yet you are the one who brightens my worth.

A field of green, so ripe and pure,

Seems a withered mess when you differ.

Even daisies bloomed, grown lushly white,

Cast a paler beauty that against you seems slight.

Our future may be uncertainly gray,

But with your love I can find the way.

For silver seams glow brighter when,

I hold you in my arms again.

So as the purple dawn begins to break,

On the next step our relationship must take,

I kneel to you and offer this gold band,

And ask for you to take my hand.

There is no color that can say,

Will you be my wife today?

End of Line.


briscojr said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

GERRAD! said...

You complete me.