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Friday, March 12, 2010

Poetry: Trapped

Hey all,

Trying to continue to shake the doldrums of writing out of my system and yesterday I sat down at the computer and just shut out all types of media; music (which never worked for me when writing anyway) social networking sites, email, messengers, all of it. Just shut myself away from every distraction. Something I think was very much on my mind as I wrote the poem that you read below. It came together pretty fast actually, I think in around 45 minutes or so. I did a few read throughs afterwords, and even let it sat for a bit and came back to re-read it this morning. I'm not sure if its a strong poem or not, but I finished it and it felt good to get creatively stirred for at least a few minutes.

I'm going to attempt this weekend to run some writing drills by taking my laptop and notepads out and about to do some location writing. Ever since my room mate moved out I have had a difficult time getting myself into that writing mode. My routines are all displaced and establishing new routines have not been as easy as I would have liked. Still I'm going to continue to plink away at these words and find some measure of creative output.

At any rate let me know what you think about the poem.


Hollow sounds in echoed halls,

Trapped inside the narrowing walls.

Closing in the sides do bear,

No escape the here nor there.

I cry aloud a voice unheard,

Yet it resounds without a word.

The empty dark is pierced by light,

As blackened tendrils leak in the night.

Outside the window the sun prevails,

Here within lies a murky veil.

Drenched in shadow without a hope,

Clawing at a salvation out of grope.

Huddled cold all by myself,

Loneliness becomes my sole wealth.

The hurt and pain have grown so numb,

Parts of me no longer measure a sum.

It's dark and cold and I'm so alone,

The sins I cast are mine to own.

The days begin to shorten now,

Withdrawing in the world dis-vowed.

Pull the shades to darkness clenched,

And drown myself in pity drenched.

Wallow low in tears and guilt,

In this self worn prison which I've built.

Lock the door and brace for the end,

Biding time as the guilt does rend.

Trapped away from all the world,

Free from the barbs of hope unfurled.

No one is there to care for me,

As I'm barricaded in my apathy.

No chance for the world to sting,

Or lost lovers to charm the broken ring.

No spurning of my shattered heart,

And I alone must piece whole the parts.

Why take a chance at fate,

Or risk another hurtful date.

Instead I'll ply away the years,

Hidden deep inside these walled fears.

I'll say farewell and start to cope,

And let go at last to flailing hope.

End of Line.

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