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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Assorted Nuts!

Happy March All!

Okay so maybe February wasn't my best month in terms of production. I'm not really going to blame anyone but me, I just simply haven't felt like writing. I still WANT to write, but I think that I have just been a little down lately. Still adapting to all this time by myself in the house and I feel restless, like I can't stay still for too long. I don't feel like staying in one place for long enough to write. Like I have to keep my mind distracted.

At any rate I think I am getting to a more calm point. I have started really looking into cleaning up the house, I have some major projects still, but I'm getting there. Everyday I have been targeting something new to organize or clean. So I'm really going to try harder this month to keep myself on the straight path. I will commit to finishing Noir Story this weekend and have at least the next 4 chapters of Under a Dead Sun up.

Plus I should have some good movie reviews going up, including an early look at Matthew Vaughn's adaption of Mark Millar's and John Romita, Jr's Kick Ass with Nic Cage this month. I also saw the new Percy Jackson movie and plan on seeing both Cop Out and Alice in Wonderland so there should be plenty of movie reviews coming up. Stick with me, I promise to do better this month.

End of Line.

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