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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poetry: Not Farewell

Hey all,

I was inspired to write this poem this morning, after reading through a bunch of twitter posts. It seems the loss of friends have struck a few of the people I follow in different ways. Really kind of sad. So I set out to make a poem that works on a few levels. I 'd like to think that simply on the surface the poem is about moving on, the deeper sub-text you can determine for yourself. Whether moving on from the loss of a friend, or simply moving from one station or job to another in life. In trying to keep the sub-text, I also tried to channel a little of the feelings I had when my room mate moved out, obviously not that its in the same class as the death of a friend, but still.

I really wanted this poem to be a positive, if poignant, message about the possibility of the future, and that one end simply marks another beginning. Hopefully that comes across, hopefully one of my followers will find some comfort in my words. Still, it felt nice to channel my own emotions, maybe someone else can find something of merit in these words. Anyway, thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments or critiques.

Not Farewell

So it's time to say goodbye,

But remember its not farewell.

For no matter what I may try,

Know there's a special place you'll dwell.

We may have left a word unsaid,

Or slowly grown apart.

Still I'm thankful for the path I've led,

Which kept you close at heart.

The memories of times we shared,

And of conversations past,

I hope you knew how much I cared,

That they could but ever last.

Leaving is never an easy play,

Looking back on where you were,

Passing moments that made the day,

Now but such a blur.

Though at times we disagreed,

And didn't see eye to eye,

Looking back I do indeed,

Wish we had but one more try.

Eventually the sting of loss,

Will slowly start to fade,

As regrets shiny gloss,

Eventually gets paid.

So au revoirs and farewell,

Aren't necessarily the ends,

In this life who can tell,

Exactly what the future portends.

I say my thanks for what you've done,

And all that you've come to mean.

For know that you've just begun,

As what comes next is still unseen.

End of Line.


briscojr said...

Very nice words, but I think that whenever you mention your roommate from now on, I will always see air-quotes around the word roommate.

GERRAD! said...

He's my hetero life mate. Its kinda awkward yeah.... = )

drinkmoxie said...

wow man very nice and thank you for the sentiment means a lot