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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Kronk's 8 Inch Tree Hugger Dunny. One of my favorites.

Jesse Hernandez's 8 inch Jaguar Warrior. Sweet!

A sampling of the newest series... (loaded up on most of these!)
Hey all,

This post is actually about a week to late but earlier this month there was a brand new vinyl launch from Kid Robot, their Dunny series 2009. All in all I thought this was one of the strongest series in recent memory. They used a great array of established vinyl artists from earlier series like Frank Kozik, Mr. Shane Jessup. Kronk among others as well as a mixture of guys who haven't worked in this medium before, like Brandt Peters and Shawnimal.

This is defiantly the most challenging series to date, in terms of finding a complete set. There is usually one out of the the run of figures that it very limited, this time they did several limited edition runs. In the past the purchase of one case has typically gotten us what we needed, this time we came up significantly short. Still this gives us some stuff to work on and towards. We ended up with a lot of duplicates out of our case so we are going to try to turn some of those around and see if we can't turn those into some we actually need. The main two that we didn't get that I wanted was the Brandt Peters one and one of the hidden rare ones by Pon. It looks like a box of Chinese take-out. Very Cool.. I also really want the one designed by Andrew Bell. Still I can't complain we had a good pull and it just keeps me amped up for the next release, probably sometime in January of 2010.

Lately we have actually gotten some really good deals on vinyl online as well. Both Jason and I scored 8 inch Dunny's for less than the selling price (including shipping) in the last month as well. I scored artist Jesse Hernandez's 8 inch Jaguar Warrior themed figure, while Jason got artist Kronk's Tree Hugger Dunny. I posted some pics of each up top, along with some images of the latest Dunny series. Looking forward the vinyl market looks to be kind of slow, I haven't heard of any big releases in the next two month, though I am sure there will be plenty of holiday themed figures for Christmas. Enjoy the pics and I will see you here tomorrow for new Flash Fiction. Thanks!

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