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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Springs Reason

Here's my next poem in what I am hoping will be a series of four. I posted a poem on winter a few months ago and I have been working on this one for a while now. I am still not completely happy with how it turned out. I like these season poems to stay kind of short but I don't feel that this is my strongest effort to date. At the same time I do feel that if you don't have any more to offer the poem, let it stand for what it is.
I am going to try to get working on another one quicker this time.. I have a few concepts all ready to go, its a matter of finding the right couplets.

Anyway, here you go.

Springs Reason

A gathering of green brings this new season.

Life given birth in Springs reason.

Wildlife awakens from their long slumber,

And bright green leaves decorate the budding lumber.

Gathering clouds in the high

Bringing the gray-toned overcast sky.

With it a splattering of rain to wash out the old,

For the blossoming of flowers to foil winter's cold.

Soon the days will start to lengthen,

As the new Season's grip begins to strengthen.

Until that time enjoy the Spring,

As soon it will yield to Summer's ring.

End of Line.

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