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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From the Sickbed

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I was diagnosed with pneumonia and my ass has really been dragging. The weird thing about the people in my family is that we hate to miss work. My Dad always said that if someone pays you to do a job you should do it. I've also always felt that its not fair to your co-workers to make them work harder because you can't pull your own end. So I continue to work my days at the store, but by the time I have come home at night I am usually so flushed and weak that I haven't had to much energy left.

My boss and I finally got into an argument and I went to the doctor the other day who told me that I have pneumonia. I'm on some medication now and I am starting to feel better, though I think that just having the day off has been a bigger aide in my recovery. I just feel so damn guilty calling out of work that I can't bring myself to do it. My brother, who just overcame the flu, worked through his sickness, that's just the way we are. Hell, I figured that it was the flu when I got sick and that I caught it from him. Well, the important thing is that I am feeling better and getting back into the flow.

In feeling better I did go to the movies last night and saw 300. I really enjoyed this movie! The visual style of the movie is great, I am almost a little sad that it did better in its first weekend than Sin City did in its entire run though., Both films were based on the same creator's, Frank Miller, graphic novels. Though it does bode well for that Sin City sequel. 300, though, has everything great about Gladiator, and nothing horrible like Troy. It's a modernized sword and sandals movie with a rock soundtrack, full of violence and nudity, what every growing boy wants. If you liked Sin City or really wanted Troy to be better than it was, I promise you will like this movie.

I also picked up some DVD's just as I was getting sick, The Prestige and Borat... both films I really loved. I saw Borat with my Dad in the middle of the Ohio Bible-Belt and I will always remember how much my Dad and me laughed at how offended everyone else was in the theatre, including my step mom. Very funny, very wrong...
The Prestige is also a great movie. Christian Bale is great in everything, through in the director of Batman Begins and Memento, Chris Nolan, Hugh Jackman and the ultra hot Scarlett Johanssen and I see no way this could be bad. I liked The Prestige much better than the Illusionist, which I felt kind of copped on the whole magic angle of the movie, never giving answers. With the exception of the actual prestige in the movie, I felt that Nolan did a much better job of showing the audience how things work.

I could also rant on about my new found and very late introduction to Firefly, But I am not comfortable being labeled a Browncoat just yet.

Thanks for reading.

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