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Friday, April 28, 2006

Viewing Habits

Things have been kind of crazy a work lately, stemming from my new schedule of working the overnight shifts. What that means is that I work from like 10 pm to usually 8 or 9 am, then I usually go home and crash, with just enough time to eat, shower and such before I repeat the process.
Not that I really mind the schedule, its just hard to have anything else while your doing that. I also agreed to sit for my Mom's dog this weekend, so that adds on too. I don't mind really.
Anyway just a quick post about TV today. I really REALLY have to get a TIVO or DVR system in my house, I can't remember a time when there were so many good programs on at once. TV has usually been dominated in the past by one or 2 shows, now it seems that every network has a couple.
My biggest TV obsessions are HBO's Deadwood, a great Western series, SCI-FI's Battlestar Galatica, which I just discovered on DVD, and My Name is Earl on NBC.
I also will admit to really liking Gilmore Girls on the WB. Dammit, its just a smart, well written show infused with pop culture references. I also figure I would watch all of the Office, which has been funny, but inconsistant in my opinion. I also figure that if I DVR, I can finally committ to those series that you absolutely have to watch every week, like Lost. That's one of those situations where I know I will like the show, but I think I am too far behind to catch up.

That's not even counting the guilty pleasure crap, like any Surreality show on VH1. You know Flavor of Love was a train wreck that you just HAD to watch. I also have mentioned my love for many of Cartoon Networks Adult Swim programs, like Harvey Birdman and Robot Chicken.

With the new season of Deadwood fast approaching and the rumored Battlestar Galatica prequel spin-off.. I gotta get on the ball. Thats not even considering the long in the works Star Wars televison series. Man, I want that to be more Episode 3 and less Episode 1.....

Also I didn't even count some of the juggernaur shows that I am really not into, like American Idol, CSI, and Survivor. Its just a good time to be a televiosn watcher. Lets hope the the choices wrote at home will stem to better movies from Hollywood. Its been a really long time since there was a movie you just HAD to see that swept the country by storm. The last one was probably King Kong, but that fell short of most expectations. Lets hope for better summer releases. In fact, that will be the topic of the next post. I'll pick 10 movies that should be worth seeing based on whats coming out.

End of Line.

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Anonymous said...


It is even a better time to be a tv watcher if you have DVR or Tivo!! I get to catch everything I want to watch, and watch it in less time than the typical watcher (b/c of the awesome fast forward captbilities). Also, I even get to watch the real crap that I would have never watched before because I have more time now to watch! You gotta get it. BTW - Hope all is well.