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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

True Story Time!

Hey all,

Thought I would drop a quick true story for you all. It's funny knowing how close this actually came to happening.

I have the very bad habit of chewing on plastic. Whether it's a straw or the little plastic ring around the gallon milk container or whatever. Its a habit that I have had for a long time and I do it without thinking about it really. I think its because I have a lot of nervous energy, like bouncing my leg or whatnot, its an activity to do while I am sitting still. Now that the background is filled in lets get to the story.

I am watching TV the other day and I notice a plastic-like ring sitting on the couch. I pick it up and look at it wondering where it came from, and what it was. I probably fiddled with it for like 30 minutes or so, and i remember putting it back down so that I didn't chew on it as I didn't know what it went to and it might be something someone wanted.

Later that night my roommate comes home and comes into the living room. He immediately asks me where the little ring is. I pick it up and give it to him. He asked me, " Dude, you didn't chew on this did you?"

I said no, but that I thought about it but since I didn't know if it went to something important I stopped myself.

Jason (my RM) then tells me that its the birth control ring that his girlfriend was using and that he took it out when they were having sex on the couch last night! Apparently its some new for of birth control that releases the chemicals from the ring over a 3 week period and that it just kind of rests up in there.

He starts laughing because he told his girlfriend on the phone when she called him to tell him that she left it there, he said that Gerrad better not find it because he is gonna chew on that shit.

Kind of wonder how bad it would have been to ingest those chemicals now that I think about it. I will say that this incident has really curtailed my desire to chew on anything plastic now.. except maybe straws. You can't expect me to go cold turkey can you?

Pop Culture Watch.

Drive continues to heat up and Lost is still solid in my book. (Hell I like it better now that we are actually getting some answers.)
Also Heroes and my guiltiest of pleasures Gilmore Girls are rocketing towards their final episodes for the season so hopefully you are tuning in.
I think my next post may have my rundown on the big movies coming out this summer. Take it easy!

End of Line.

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