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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Silence of Heaven

With the tragedy surrounding the Va. Tech massacre I thought that I should finally post this poem. It's another attempt to do a love poem and I am okay with how it turned out..I don't like to over think these poems.. if it takes more than two attempts to complete.. I usually scrap the idea, I don't feel you get the emotional intent after more than a crack or two at it, for time tends to fade the original intent of the poem. I actually finished this last week, just didn't post it.

I'll throw up another post tomorrow with what I have been up to, but hope you enjoy the following.

With my pen I wait to fill these pages to your praise,

To sing you a song of my heart's raise.

But any verse that follows cannot be as good.

To express how you make me feel like it should.

As I lay awake not knowing

The destination of where I am going

The path you lead is where I shall follow

For one without you would leave me hollow.

I could be a thousand miles away from you,

But how you make me feel is not more true.

Whether your near or far its all the same.

For my heart is yours to lay this blame.

No path you tread could be to long,

For in my eyes you can commit no wrong.

On the day you finally see the truth of me.

You will see what I have known for an eternity.

It's your smile that gives the early morning sun its shine,

And all your words whisper to the winds that you are mine.

The flowers smell so much sweeter when you put them in your hair,

The world would be so empty if you were never there.

All is silent in Heaven when you pass by,

The only sound is angels breathing up upon on the high,

When you are near all other things don't shine with the same light,

A paler glow around the world whenever you are not in sight.

You are my everything.

End of Line.


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