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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Poetry: After the Fall

Hey all!

Look at this. Two posts, two days! Crazy I know!.....

I really wanted to write some poetry after working on that Dead Sun piece yesterday and before I started working on the next chapter. This poem is sort of a companion piece to the last poem I wrote a few months back, Afterglow. That poem was about making love with someone you love. This poem mines though same fields but comes at it from a different perspective, its more of a poem about a one night stand and what happens when two people don't feel the same way about it. I thought about writing this as a short story, but I really just thought it worked better as a mirror to the other poem I wrote.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the poem. As always I welcome feedback on anything. Thank you for reading.

After the Fall

Strange lips brush my own,

Softest murmurs in dulcet tone.

Unknown hands upon my chest,

Nestled close, to sleep, to rest.

Passion's thrust a faded glow,

As urgency has rut and row.

A passing glance down at the bar,

Led the night so ever far.

And two strangers laugh and drink,

An electric touch as hands do link.

That simple spark leads to flame,

A burning need to which each must tame.

So the the two did lead to bed,

Where passion's lust needs were fed.

Lips and limbs grown, intertwine,

Chased by sweat, love, and cheaper wine.

They gave their bodies to basest needs,

Sex and love were wont to feed.

But now the night has come to pass,

And she feels the haze of liquor grow to pass.

She lay beside this man unknown,

Whom she met one night in roam,

And now she knows not his name,

Fearing last, that walk of shame.

He feels her body start to stir,

The pieces of his mind, a blur.

The night before a faded dream,

But now he wakes, lost in stream.

Yet one clean thought bubbles to rim,

This lovely woman had chosen him.

She mutters words she cannot hear,

Wishing now, she wasn't so near. 

Sliding free of grip and sheet,

Moments soon, her escape complete.

She gathers clothes and is out the door,

As he looks lost, wanting more.

He never saw the girl again,

A memory he could never quite begin.

But she was never far from his thoughts,

This perfect girl his memory has wrought.

Because for one lone night he had it all,

It's just the hardest part of love is after the fall.

End of Line.

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