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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Poetry: You


 I watched the rivers flow,

Sweeping, gone away,

And I wondered where you'd go.

 All the miles of the Earth,

And in all the depth of oceans blue,

Separated by miles without you.

I longed to hear your voice,

To feel your soft caress.

Never knowing what I'd done to you.

I've read words within a poem.

And listened to melodies of myriad tone.

But all the verses sang of you..

Every road I walked,

And all conversations that I sought,

Just led me back to you.

Time came and did pass,

As calendars burned gone past.

But I never stopped thinking about you.

But you had long left me alone,

To love a man I did not know.

But I learned that you could break a heart.

For when you learned to finally love,

I knew what I had failed to see.

You'd shown me love was just a fallacy.

End of Line.

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