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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poetry: Begin the Begain

Hey all,

Another bit of a publishing break but hopefully I can keep up a better and more productive clip. I have been working on blog posts the past few days, trying to get a few good entries on. I re-wrote that last chapter of Dead Sun about 4 times before I posed the version you read. I wasn't fully happy with how i captured the scene, but in the end I got it to a point where I though that I could live with.

As for this poem, I've written it a few times over the course of the last few months, scrapping and starting over, mostly using the poems title, a play on words from an old Fred Astaire dance routine that I liked the sound of, though I have modified it to my purpose. Begain isn't really a word, the original word I based it on was Beguine, which is a type of ballroom dance. As I modified the word, begain means to go back to the beginning of where you once were, sort of like to begin again. Begain. I liked that I invented a word to tell a story, and for that alone the poem is a positive one. Enjoy the poem and I'll be back with more work as soon as I can. Thanks for sticking it out with me.

Begin the Begain

Softest sounds on the oldest road,

Sweetest tears tell a well worn code.

Blackest hearts bleed the brightest blood,

While gentle streams grow to bursting flood.

Unknown eyes follow familiar details,

As fickle fate tempts life's new trails.

Unwashed of filth, the darkest stain,

To be clean within, and begin the begain.

Bad decisions and choices once made,

Ring the dirt, and never quite fade.

Each moment much worse, till the bristols brown.

As darker times engulf the broken ground.

While hateful words give to bitter days,

This calloused soul wanders astray.

And each moment you fall further from me,

The more subtly stings the regretful agony.

As faceless dreams besiege my sleep,

This painful harvest that I reap.

Those simple words I should have said,

Lost again, stricken by a heart left dead.

End of Line.

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