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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Poetry: Shadow of my Heart

Hey all,

It's been a significant time since I have done any poetry, and despite the major blog dump the past two days, I have been at work here. This poem I started a few weeks ago and finally felt like returning to it. I scrapped most of this poem in it's original version, just leaving the snowy grave line and a couple of rhyme schemes.

This poem changed from its original topic, which was much more upbeat, to this kind of sadder poem after re-connecting with a friend of mine who has been facing some thought times. I've always had a close spot for her and I can tell I channeled some of those feelings into this poem. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I'll try to do a better job of posting up some more work in the coming weeks.

Shadow of my Heart

The snowy grave on my heart,

Is brittle and cold,

It pumps slow, so slow,

When it once flowed so bold.

The flowers that bloomed,

Have withered and died,

The blossoms turn to,

Tears of petals I've cried.

You're like a ghost,

A shadow of my heart,

Who's gone away,

So hauntingly far apart.

I don't know what to do,

Or how I'll carry on,

When all the chances that come

Are suddenly gone.

Just walk through the cold,

To a place where I am unknown,

The empty halls echo,

As I waywardly roam.

I feel so lost,

Trapped in this cage,

And no escape, no escape,

Like story with a single page.

Once you closed,

The book of my dreams,

Nothing else matters,

Feelings felt obscene.

Though I can't say goodbye,

To you in my thought,

I given up up hope,

Of being the man that you sought.

It feels so hard,

This being alone,

When you know who you want,

but cannot atone.

End of Line.

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