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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetry: Insomnia

Hey all,

I wrote the majority of this poem in the waning hours of the evening yesterday, kind of coasting on very little sleep. I went through it this morning and proofread it a little, making some minor modifications to syntax and the rhyming scheme. Overall I like how it turned it, sort of an insight into exhaustion. A little bit shorter than some of the stuff I've been working on lately, but I think it works. Hope you like it.


Cannot seem to close my eyes,

Fitful bursts of sullen dreams.

Rest escapes despite my cries,

Lost along slumber's streams.

Covers pulled above my head,

Wrapped in the softest sheet,

Yet nothing that is in my bed,

Can make my sleep feel complete.

A pillow fluffed, the windows wide,

Can't seem to make the day go bye.

There's no recourse for what I've tried,

I even played a soothing lullaby.

Cannot find the rest I need,

So many jumbled thought,

Have to find a way to bleed,

The anxieties of which I've wrought.

Toss and turned, yet took no breaks,

This restless night just cannot end.

The subtle sounds the evening makes,

Cry a roar which I can't defend.

Eyes so red with bleary sleep,

As I greet the cresting sun,

Another night of counting sheep,

Has fell away, undone.

To sleep or dream a fleeting grace,

With no chance to fall away,

Insomnia's a lonely chase,

Whose prize is but a brand new day.

End of Line.

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